Crib figurines from Fillarte are each available with different features to suit a variety of crib types. The selection of nativity scenes ranges from traditional occidental scenes to local Alpine cribs, Eastern nativity scenes, and modern Ars-Nova cribs.


The Occident

The Fill Occidental Nativity Scene is a traditional Western nativity scene. The crib figurines made from sycamore wood are carved in the Nazarene style and present the birth of Jesus in an authentic and naturalistic way. This is the most versatile of all the nativity scenes, which gives the crib maker many different possibilities when choosing the construction style and landscape design.





The Occident – Tyrol-style

Fillarte also offers a “Tyrolean version” of its traditional Fill Occidental Nativity Scene with carved wooden figurines. Here, the carvings are painted using a particularly fine oil painting technique and then gilded with imitation gold and silver leaf.





The Alps


The Fill Alpine Nativity Scene is a Tyrolean crib set with figurines made from sycamore wood. The clothing and objects of the figures in these scenes typify the rural work and daily life in the Alps. These rustic cribs include animals such as sheep and goats. Structural elements may be balconied farmhouses, mill wheels or traditional stone ovens, and a landscape of snow-covered mountains and forests can often be seen in the background.





The East

The Fill Eastern Crib is a Middle Eastern-style nativity scene with realistic figurines made from sycamore wood. They are clothed in the Middle Eastern garments of the Holy Land worn at the time of Jesus’s birth. Grottoes, cisterns, and temple ruins are often the setting for Eastern nativity scenes, with rocky or desert landscapes forming the backdrop for these cribs.





Ars-Nova Crib

The Fill Ars-Nova Crib builds a bridge between tradition and modernity. Clean lines, simple shapes and large surfaces characterise the aesthetics of these nativity scenes, adapting them to modern living environments. Ars-Nova crib figurines are carved from sycamore and coarse-grained ash, allowing the grain to be accentuated on larger areas.





Nativity untreated natural wood or hand painted with oil  

Available finishes

The natural, carved wooden crib figurines from Fillarte are carefully made by our trained employees using a variety of techniques. This allows us to provide a wide selection of different designs.

We offer crib figurines with the following finishes:

NAT: Crib figurines made from untreated, natural wood.
MFG: A multicoloured stained finish achieved by treating the wooden figures with different shades of brown stain and polishing them with wax, which allows details to come to the fore.
COL: Colouring the pieces places emphasis on the symbolic power of colour and breathes life into the figurines. The carvings are lightly painted with oil paints and gilded with imitation gold leaf. They can also be embellished and details can be emphasised.
TFA: Tyrolean-style crib figurines are painted with oil paints and gilded with imitation gold leaf. This style replicates traditional nativity scenes.
WFG: Carved figurines are painted in watercolours and waxed.

We offer crib figurines in the following sizes:
6.5 cm – 8 cm – 10 cm – 11.5 cm – 12.5 cm – 13.5 cm – 14 cm – 17 cm – 18 cm – 20 cm – 27 cm – 42 cm