Timeless and traditional wood carving art by Fillarte

Unique crib figurines and high-quality artisan wood carving in South Tyrol

The Fillarte family workshop in Laion, at the gateway to Val Gardena, is devoted to craftsmanship. This is where Helmuth Fill brings his own designs to life: together with his wife Gertrud, son Mirko and brother Erich, he works with the finest wood from mountain forests to create exquisite carvings. These creations are then artistically hand-painted by diligent painters from the area.

Every carving from Fillarte is a treasure, its local production supporting craftsmanship in the region. The mainstay of the workshop’s product range is the nativity scene, in all its variations. Fillarte also produces a variety of wooden plinths and other carvings with classic religious motifs.



Hand carved wood sculptures made by a master sculptor of arolla pine  

A passion for cribs

The embodiment of his passion

Helmuth Fill, from the South Tyrolean village of Laion situated within the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage Site, is descended from a long line of craftsmen. As a child, he loved the woodturning workshop of his grandfather, who made lime wood bowls, and spent every spare minute there. This passion inspired him to undertake woodworking training in Rosenheim (Germany), and to both continue and preserve an age-old tradition.


The FILLARTE certificate guarantees that our wood carvings are unmistakeable FILLARTE© originals, manufactured to the most stringent quality standards. All our products are registered and legally protected.